I Sacrificed My Unborn Child, My Hubby And My Mom To Run A Successful Business – Lady

A lady identified as Fatma from Mombasa County revealed his regrets about Sacrificing her unborn baby, her husband her mother To run a successful Airbnb business in Mombasa. According to Fatma, she had saved some amount of money. in a Sacco after working for several years. She wanted to quit the job to invest with whatever she had and aged to save....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

She consulted one of her friends who advised her to venture into the Airbnb business. She rented a one-bedroom house and furnished it well.

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Within no time she started getting clients and was happy about it. Her friend introduced her to a group of people who had been running that business for a long. She was told to become successful, she had to sacrifice her child.

She was determined to become rich and hot pregnant after a few. Months she miscarriage and was told that she would start prospering in her business. Her business thrived so well but after some time they asked her to Sacrifice her husband.

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She was hesitant but after telling her that it would be her last Sacrifice and that she would outshine in that business, she gave in. Her husband was doing well and had managed to rent an apartment and furnish it.

Years later, her business collapsed, she asked the chairman what could be the problem and that was when she was asked to Sacrifice her mother. She didn’t want to Sacrifice her mother but she died Mysteriously and she knew it was them.

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She felt guilty and started regretting her actions her business collapsed and could hardly afford to put food on the table. She lost her loved ones and her business. She has urged young people to work hard for their money without joining groups where they promise to make them rich.