I Will Never Forgive My Stepmom for Making Me Disabled Because Of This, I Hate All Women Because of Her – Man Says (VIDEO)

Jean D’amour, a 29-year-old man, narrated his story of how his stepmom ruined his life by making him disabled at the age of five. His mother was the first wife of his father, and his stepmom was the second. The two women were never on good terms, constantly arguing over everything....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Things became worse when Jean’s father died because he was the only person who tried to bring peace between the two women. After his death, they fought even more, to the extent of threatening each other.

One day, Jean’s mother went to fetch water, leaving Jean alone in the house. His stepmom approached him with herbs in a container and applied them to his hands and legs. By the time his mother returned, he was in great pain, and his limbs had turned red.

After a few days, Jean’s hands and legs started folding themselves. He could no longer walk or use his hands as he used to. Everyone believed that his stepmom had attached some witchcraft to the herbs, causing such an effect.

When his mother died, his stepmom began torturing him, reminding him that she was the one who made him disabled. When he cried, she teased him by telling him to stand and run to his mother’s grave for comfort.

Jean said that his stepmom’s cruelty has made him hate all women, and he has no dreams of settling down with one. Looking at women reminds him of the traumatic experiences he has gone through since he was young.

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