I Will Pay Another Bride Price On Our 5th Anniversary As A Renewed Sense Of Devotion, Arise TV Anchor, Reuben Abati, Tells 3rd Wife

The occasion of their 4th marriage anniversary, Arise TV Anchor, Dr.Reuben Abati, has made a promise to his 3rd wife, Titi, of paying another bride on her next year when their marriage would be five years old....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The ace journalist and former presidential spokesman made this disclosure on his X handle today, May 15 as part of the marriage anniversary.

In a flowering message, Abati reminded Titi that she has brought joy into his life.

He noted unequivocally that he has become a better person since their love life commenced.

“I jumped on the boat to sail with you because I see more than just a future with you,” Abati reminiscences.
The full text is reproduced below unedited

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Officially 4 years today, 15th of May! @realtalkwithkike. Guess what Kiki! We’ve got forever to go in each other’s arms.

Kiki, you are a tough cookie, and your stubbornness is next to none. But, your positivity and kindness overshadow your naughtiness.

We’ve had 3 misunderstandings in 4 years and well handled. Your enterprising nature, hard work, and adorable spirit make you truly special though too trusting.

I jumped on the boat to sail with you because I see more than just a future with you. You are my ride-or-die, and I’m 100% loyal to you.

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I gave your Dad my word, and I will keep it until the end of my time! Kiki you made your choice against many odds and I’m always ready to take a million steps against those odds.

This first slide is our first official intimate picture where we were both conscientious about our journey from working collaboratively to accepting my proposal to living in our purpose.

Gracing your precious finger with that engagement ring that night reframed my world into another existence of possibilities. You’re my conscious choice and the longing of my world.

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You’re my closest person on earth, the owner of my heart, and my safe haven. Trust me when I say marriage with you balances me out and brought a lot of healing for me.

On our 5th anniversary next year, I’m coming back to your family to pay another bride price as a renewed sense of devotion and dedication to your happiness.

I may have a million truths to prove you but I need a lifetime to do that. Keep being you Kiki. As I say to you everyday, I love you Kiki! Cheers to us Iyawo, @realtalkwithkike