I’m only fat. I’m not pregnant – Pastor Eneche’s daughter

Daughter of popular cleric, Paul Eneche, Deborah Eneche, has sent a message to her online ‘womb watchers’, even as they expect a big tummy soon.

Deborah got married months back and it’s obvious from her recent Facebook post that many chaps have been keeping a close watch on her stomach to see if she is pregnant….CONTINUE READING

According to her, she is just fat; nothing more and she hopes that God will help her to lose weight.

She wrote:

“PSA: Dear internet womb watchers and weight police; Commot your eye 👀🙄

Na enjoy I dey enjoy. I no kill person. 😂

The God wey help me lose weight before go help me again.😃

And when God sure everything 🤰🏿, who no know go know ‼️

PS:-I’ve gone from being a girl to a full grown woman. And I’m loving it 😁.

Due to this, (and sincerely with the love of God in my heart), persecutors will be prosecuted. Or in lay man’s terms, If una do anyhow, you see anyhow (respectfully) 🙃. Let no man trouble me! (Galatians 6:7) 😒😂😅.

Meanwhile I love you my dear virtual family and my Deborians. The ones that see me and rate me and love me. 🥹. Keep being epic for God and don’t let anyone bully you out of greatness😤….CONTINUE READING