Joe Ajaero ‘Lamidi Apapa Was The NLC State Chairman In Oyo State, He Was A Tanker Driver’

The Factional Chairman of the Labour Party, Lamidi Apapa, has been accused by Nigeria Labour Congress President Joe Ajaero of being a former NLC State Chairman in Oyo State and a NUPENG tanker driver. According to him, the NLC permits past Labour Leaders to lead the Labour Party, which made it possible for Apapa to serve as the party’s deputy Chairman....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

He stressed that they haven’t interfered with the administration of the Labour Party or questioned its financial management. He recounted his involvement when Apapa attempted to take over the party and how he advocated for a proper NEC meeting to decide the acting Chairman.

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He said in an interview with The Sun, ”The NLC President or its general secretary cannot be running the party. That was why we were drawing from the army of retired or former labour leaders to run it. For me as the President of the NLC, I am automatic NEC member. If you check the last executive that we were talking about, there is nobody there. The other person that is forming a faction, Lamidi Apapa was the NLC State Chairman in Oyo State, he was a tanker driver belonging to NUPENG.

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Now, we are not saying that the Labour Party was formed by NLC and TUC. It was formed by NLC but since it is Labour, we can run it together. And we didn’t say because it is Labour Party, it should be administered by us. None of us has gone there to drink pure water. We have not been asked them, how are you spending your money? Find out.

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The first time I was there as a person was when the issue of Apapa taking over the place came up. Remember that when the Court restrained Abure, there was supposed to be a NEC meeting to decide who would be acting Chairman but Apapa went there and broke the windows and entered. I fought against the party being taken over by one man. I said, wait for a meeting where the decision will be taken for us will act in the place of Chairman.”