Mixed reactions trail Chimamanda’s letter to Biden

Nigerians have reacted over letter written to America’s president by internationally acclaimed writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Chimamanda had in her letter advised U.S. President to hold off on congratulating Bola Tinubu as Nigeria’s next president, as doing so could legitimise what she described as an “illegitimate process” that led to his victory……CONTINUE READING

Reacting to her letter, many Nigerians via their social media handles have expressed their opinions.

Oladunjoye Lawrence said, “Is only South East people that believe that Asiwaju Tinubu didn’t win the last election.

“Other geo political zones acknowledged Tinubu as President elect.

“Even, the leaders of South East have been clamoring for Senate President, which mean that, it is the youths in the South East that are still cajoling themselves.”

David Chukwu said, “The drug baron that was selected will eventually destroy you. Ethnicity and tribalism has overwhelmed your sense of reasoning.”

Ishaq Olatunde said, “David Chukwu That is your own and Obidiots opinion and nothing you can do to change the mandate of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu- President elect.”

Tosin Mustapha said, “Peter Obi did not win at all. He came third in the election. If Obi had won, America would have congratulated him too.”

Eke Stella said, “There is a God No matter how they play their politics
they should remember once upon a time,there was a president the whole Nigerians don’t dare mention his name,the day he died, there was celebration like never before! You have done your part, we still believe in our unfailing and faithful King to do the rest……CONTINUE READING