My Boss Want Me to Sleep with Her Husband And After I Refused, They Did the Unthinkable to Me (Video)

Priscilla has narrated how her boss asked her to sleep with her husband, specifically on her behind, and when she refused, they locked her in a doghouse for three days. According to Priscilla, she came from a humble background where her parents often had differences. At one point, her mother left her with one-year-old twins for three years, forcing her to drop out of school to care for them. After her mother returned in the fourth year, Priscilla decided to move to Nairobi to work as a housegirl....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

During the first three months of her employment, everything seemed fine until her madam asked her to sleep with her husband, promising to increase her salary. On that particular day, the madam’s husband returned home early and approached Priscilla in her room, inquiring if his wife had spoken to her about their arrangement. Priscilla, coming from a Christian family, refused to comply with the request.

The following night, the employer’s husband entered Priscilla’s room with a knife, threatening to kill her if she didn’t agree to his demands. Despite the danger, she stood her ground, and a struggle ensued. Priscilla managed to fend him off and escape, but she found herself trapped as the gate was always locked. Her employer informed her that she would stay with the dogs until she complied. For three days, Priscilla endured this punishment without any food.

Fortunately, a passing woman heard her screams while her employers were away, and she sought help from others who rescued Priscilla and took her back home.

Reflecting on her ordeal, Priscilla admits to living in fear of men for years and vows never to work as a housegirl again. She warns young girls employed in similar positions to be cautious and not to compromise their dignity for the sake of a higher salary.

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