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‘My generation is different’: Girl who can’t cook counters mum with meals from boyfriend

A young girl has defiantly displayed mouth-watering meals her boyfriend buys for her to counter her mother’s conviction that no man will marry her because she cannot cook. The young lady, a renowned Tiktok influencer, published the video on her page, @kallmeify....CONTINUE READING

She insisted that her generation is unlike previous generations, and that things have changed dramatically.

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The lady believes that cooking is no longer gender-based, stressing that some males readily handle the chore.

See the video below:

Netizens react:

@TEE: “My dear marriage is a whole total ball game”

@tunmise: “She said marry,she did not mention date. 🙄I am jealous 🥹”

@GBby: “Na me dae beg my man say make I cook 😂”

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@Precious: “Me way my man Dey order food everyday enjoyment wan kill me😂😂😂”

@Sharon: “Nobody dey cook these days if no be for business …even people wey dey do cooking business dey buy food😹”

@dottykitty: “e get where e go reach d man go tire but shar enjoy 😂😂ur mom was referring to the long run”

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