My husband sent me & kids packing just because I farted in his presence-Woman cries out

A woman’s heart-wrenching experience with her husband has left netizens deeply emotional after she bravely shared her story. In a recent interview, the tearful woman opened up about the enduring domestic abuse she endured at the hands of her spouse, who treated her as a punching bag. The woman who hails from Ibadan revealed that the physical assaults began soon after they got married and have never ceased since....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Despite numerous pleas from concerned individuals to stop the abuse, her husband stubbornly refused and warned that things would only worsen if they continued to intervene.

Desperate for help, she reached out to her husband’s family, hoping they would talk sense into him. However, they confessed to being tired of trying to convince him to change his ways.

The woman tragically recounted the last incident that led to her being kicked out of her own home. While at her shop with her husband, she accidentally passed gas, which inexplicably angered him.

He responded by threatening her and subsequently forced her to leave with their children.

Left with no job and no means of support, she resorted to doing menial tasks to feed her kids.

The heartrending story has sparked a wave of reactions from netizens who expressed their shock and outrage at the woman’s harrowing ordeal.

Watch the video below:

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