Nigerian Governor attacked abroad (Video)

A video of Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State being attacked by critical Nigerians abroad with insults has emerged on the social media. The verbal attack in a foreign country saw some Nigerians accusing the governor as he approached a building of walking on good roads whereas they claimed that his state lacks good roads....Read The Full Story Here ▶

The governor who was attired in a suit was walking alone as he approached a building for an engagement. Governor Obaseki, however, did not mutter a word to the crowd who attacked him with verbal insults as he kept his cool and walked across the hostile crowd.

A voice over to the video stated thus:

This is Obaseki right here. Your state has failed. That is Obaseki of Edo State. See as you are. You see the good roads here. Obaseki did you see good roads? Obaseki o-e, Obaseki -le. He is walking on a good road. That is the governor of Edo State. He is walking on a good road but his state doesn’t have good roads. That’s the governor.

Governor Obaseki has repeatedly alleged that the bad roads in Edo State are mostly federal roads which he claims the federal authorities have refused to repair.

The Edo State Government is yet to respond to the video and the date of the attack and specific place of attack are presently unknown.

Watch the video of how Governor Obaseki was verbally attacked:

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