Nigerian Lady Who Sat Close to ‘Aboki’ Man Inside Bus Captures His Rare Act on Camera, Leaks Video

A video of an Hausa man using a part of his cloth as a filter for a bottle of drink has left netizens in stitches. A Nigerian lady who boarded the same bus with him filmed him in action and shared the video online. Hausa man trends over rare hygienic practice. The video reposted via Instagram by @lindaikejisblog official quickly went viral, eliciting funny reactions from netizens....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

In the clip, the Hausa man used a part of his cloth to cover his drink and used it as a filter while drinking it.

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The young lady who sat by his side got shocked over his unexpected act and decided to film him inside the bus.

The video was captioned:

“POV: You entered bus with an aboki man.”
Reactions trail video of ‘aboki’ man

Nigerians stormed the comments section to share their thoughts about the video.

Maxfreeman58 said: “See people wey Lugard join all of us together… I know Lugard generation is really suffering for the atrocity he committed.”

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Mataniazfabrics wrote: “He is trying to filter the lime away from the sugar.”

Xelafabrics said: “He’s trying to reduce the sweetness of the drink because of jedijedi.”

Kidazainab said: “We know our shiit that’s not aboki the cap and the agbada no be our style.”

Iamstepee reacted: “He trying to make the drink more sweet the dirty in his clothe.” said: “He trusted his cloth that’s been collecting dust since who know when to drinking directly from the bottle? Okay now.”

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Benosi said: “I dunno what to say. He truths the neatness of his garment,so you trust yours?”

The_iykem reacted: “He thinks he’s filtering out the sugar.”

Sammie_delight added: “Nawao things dey happen.”

Watch the video below:

Lady shares scary encounter with agberos

Meanwhile, Legit previously reported that a Nigerian lady shared her horrible encounter with some thieves at a bus park in Lagos state.

In her sad tweet, the lady narrated how her phone was taken by some bad guys at Iyanu ipaja, Lagos state.