Outcry As Obaseki Allegedly Sets Up Monitoring Team For Asue Ighodalo: Edo Residents React

Outcry As Obaseki Allegedly Sets Up Monitoring Team For Asue Ighodalo: Edo Residents ReactEdo State is simmering with tension as allegations surface that Governor Godwin Obaseki has established a monitoring team to oversee the growing influence of Asue Ighodalo, the PDP candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial elections. These accusations have ignited widespread anger among residents, who accuse Obaseki of engaging in early Godfatherism....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Residents have voiced their displeasure, accusing the Governor of prematurely assuming a godfather role before Ighodalo has even been elected. The primary mandate of the rumored committee, whose members remain undisclosed, is allegedly to scrutinize every move of Ighodalo, ensuring he stays in line with Obaseki’s plans. Sources claim this team is led by a top government official at Dennis Osadebe Avenue , who is purportedly the Governor’s key agent for keeping Ighodalo in check.

Jude Osaro, a PDP member and trader, expressed his frustration, stating, “Obaseki, who once vowed to shun Godfatherism and declared it dead following his re-election, has now transformed into an octopus-like Godfather, with his tentacles spread across the entire campaign structure. It’s disheartening to think we might have to deal with an overbearing Godfather if we win this election.”

Esohe, a market woman from Oba Market, the largest market in Edo State, reacted strongly to the allegations, urging Obaseki to refocus on the interests of the masses rather than his personal ambitions. She lamented, “It’s sad to hear such rumors. Obaseki should immediately retrace his steps and prioritize the well-being of the people. Setting up a crack team to monitor Asue for loyalty is troubling.”

A resident of Oredo voiced concerns over Ighodalo’s outsider status, speculating that Obaseki’s close monitoring could be a tactic to maintain a strained relationship with the state’s traditional rulers. “Why is Obaseki shadowing him like a monitoring spirit? It’s becoming clear that Obaseki has ulterior motives, and they don’t seem favorable.”

Perhaps the most dramatic reaction came from a native doctor who threatened to parade n**d through Benin City and curse the gods if Obaseki persists in his alleged Godfatherism. He recalled that Obaseki’s re-election was largely due to his stance against Godfatherism, warning that there would be serious repercussions if these allegations prove true.

“Obaseki don turn area police so tay e wan suffocate Ighodalo die. We go resist am tell am say who chop bellyful must always hungry. We dey wait am, September no far again,” an impassioned resident declared, implying that Obaseki’s interference will not go unchallenged as the elections approach.

As the controversy unfolds, it appears that Edo residents will play a crucial role in shaping the election narrative. The public’s reaction to these allegations could significantly impact the campaign dynamics in the lead-up to the gubernatorial elections.

While our investigations continue, we welcome your feedback on this emerging issue. If this is true, is it appropriate for Obaseki to form a committee to monitor the PDP candidate’s loyalty? Your feedback is appreciated as we continue to closely follow this subject.

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