Probe Of Wike’s Administration Will Escalate Ongoing Crisis, Says Ex-Senator Nwogu

Senator Olaka Nwogu has told Rivers State Governor, Sir. Siminalayi Fubara, that his plot to probe the past administration is a mere witch-hunt that will escalate the ongoing crisis. The former senator and elder statesman, who represented the Rivers Southeast in the National Assembly, said any attempt to initiate any probe at this stage of the crisis would be viewed as vendetta....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Speaking in Port Harcourt on Monday, Nwogu said such probe would never be objective as Fubara and Wike ran the same administration.

He said while Wike was the governor, Fubara was the gatekeeper insisting that there is no way such investigation would not be selective to advance a particular narrative.

Nwogu said the present disposition of the governor has negated all the peace overtures and spited the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He said: “There is nothing extraordinary about investigation except that in the circumstances we find ourselves it will not appear as something done to promote good governance.

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“It appears as designed for witch-hunt or to endorse a particular label already put on somebody. Recall that when this started they started saying that the Minister was asking for certain percentage of money which is not true.

“It was dealt with when the governor came to meet with the elders and we met with the Minister where he recanted most of the things he wrongly labelled the minister as part of the reconciliation process. This completely negated the instruction the President gave and the mediatory efforts of the President. The governor is saying that the President wasted his time. It is something Rivers people must be careful about.”

Referring to Wike as the greatest governor Rivers ever produced, Nwogu said some people were pushing the agenda through the governor he produced to humiliate him.

He said: “Some people may say condemn him but this is the greatest governor we ever had. All these are simply efforts to destroy him. If this is what they had wanted to do, it should have been part of the government”.

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Describing the probe move as diversionary, he added: ‘It is preconceived to hoodwink people to think the other way. How is Wike and Fubara different? They ran the same government. One was the gatekeeper of the other. This is going to be very selective.

“This is an attempt to criminalise a good governor that was the envy of the entire nation. We should be careful at how far we escalate this. Let me urge for caution. Let me ask people to be mindful”.

He said all the sin the former governor committed was making Fubara a governor observing that it become obvious that the Minister has been the victim and not the aggressor.

“All the time they say the governor is a victim the Minister is the aggressor but if you look carefully you will understand right from the beginning all the Minister did was to make him a governor. So he has been at the receiving end.

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“So he is actually a victim of unwarranted and undesired attack. This agenda is unfolding and it is very terrible agenda of our state. This is the direction. This is a direct spite on the President. If he chooses to abandon the eight point agenda and to pursue this course, it means he has no respect for President’s intervention.

*This is an unnecessary escalation. It tenses the place up. As a governor do your job. You will be judged by the infrastructures you provide but if you think that fighting people will add to your scorecard, let us see how.

“If you want to probe the past administration, on which records? The person setting up the panel is also the record keeper. What will be put before are they selective, are they doctored? This is just the most absurd of all the absurdities”.