Reality TV star, Erica Nlewedim lambastes doctor for his demeaning tweet about her controversial outfit

Reality TV star and actress, Erica Nlewedim has blasted a Twitter doctor for making a derogatory tweet about her outfit to a recent event.

The BBNaija star has been trending online for her choice of outfit for the exclusive African premiere of Netflix × Shondaland’s QueenCharlotte: A Bridgeton Story in South Africa on Sunday, April 16…..CONTINUE READING

Erica donned a pink feathery dress with matching scarf to the event, which she accessorized with white gloves, a tiny bag and an umbrella.

She posted photos of herself online with the caption, “A beautiful flamingo in Cape Town 💝

The outfit did not sit well with many who dragged her to filth, claiming that it did not fit the theme of the event when compared to the outfit of her colleagues.

The Twitter doctor, Dr Penking, also gave his two cent by asking men how their mothers would react if Erica was their fiancée and she wears the outfit during her introductory visit to their mom.

“Mummy this is Erica , the woman I want to marry. Reply like a Nigerian mother”, he tweeted.

See below,

In response to the derogatory post, the 29-year-old actress slammed the doctor, stating that even in his wildest dreams, he cannot marry her.

“Why bother? Even if you dream the rest of your life you can never marry me no need to tell your followers to imagine your mummy’s reaction. Now run along razzie,” she tweeted.

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