Road Construction Brings New Hope To Eziagu Community

The Eziagu Community Is Witnessing a significant transformation as extensive road construction is currently underway. For the first time in many years, the people of Eziagu are seeing the development of tarred roads within their locality....Read The Full Story Here ▶

His Excellency Prof Chukwuma Soludo, has taken decisive steps to ensure the community’s infrastructure needs are met. The construction efforts are progressing rapidly, bringing a new sense of hope and connectivity to the residents.

The people of Eziagu have expressed their immense gratitude to the Governor of Anambra State for his dedication to the state’s development and for remembering their community.

Residents are visibly pleased with the ongoing construction and are optimistic about the future benefits it will bring.

The Eziagu community extends its heartfelt thanks to Prof Soludo his hard work and dedication to enhancing the infrastructure of the state.

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