Sad Story Of African Powerful President Who Was Killed On Live TV Broadcasting

What makes watching a video of someone’s last moments different from reading about their murder? There is always something profound and heartbreaking about a dying person, no matter how many mistakes or sins they have made....Read The Full Story Here ▶

We examine Mohammed Anwar el Sadat’s terrible murder in light of the aforementioned.

As president of Egypt, Mohammed Anwar el Sadat was the one who was most closely guarded. In any case, he was guarded by at least four layers of security, including a group in charge of robbing the military during a parade of its armaments. But tragic events made him vulnerable, which led to his murder on October 6, 1981.

The war between his country and Israel was ended by the Camp David Accords, which Sadat had signed three years earlier. As a result, he infuriated his neighbors, who promptly removed Egypt from the Arab League. His crackdowns on Islamist organizations did not help, and he also alienated many people at home.

In February 1981, the Egyptian government was informed that a cleric had issued a Fatwa. The fatwa, or decree, authorized the murder of Sadat. After his death, a government coup would take place. Between February and September, the administration actively promoted jihad. All of the important players were apprehended during the operation, with the exception of a small jihadi cell that was operating within its military and was right under its nose.

On October 6, 1981, the Yom Kippur War’s ninth anniversary was commemorated, and Sadat attended. The Egyptian military displayed its greatest weapons to the public as a sign of might.The roar of the jets kept most observers’ attention away from the truck fleet.

Eventually, one of the trucks stopped, and a policeman got out. The officer and his companions, Lieutenant Khalid Islambouli, sped toward the dias. The cops who were responsible for making sure the men had no live ammo were, regrettably, in Mecca for a pilgrimage. Sadat stood to receive what he thought was a salute because he thought it was part of the show. By doing it, he exposed himself even more. Pharaoh must perish! Islambouli yelled and threw three hand grenades at Sadat before starting to shoot. Islambouli had cover fire from the other assassins when it came to killing Sadat.

By the time they ran out of ammunition a minute later, Sadat had been slain and 11 other people, including the then-ambassador of Cuba to Egypt, had been injured. The attempt to defend Sadat by hurling chairs at him was too late.In the gunfight, one assassin was killed and the others were injured. They had no escape plan because the assassination was intended to be a jihadi act.

One of the notable Egyptian politicians injured that day was Vice President Hosni Mubarak, who was shortly after elected President. Another, who at the time served as the nation’s foreign minister, later became the Secretary General of the UN.

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