SOLDIERS Cried Uncontrollably For Colleagues Killed By Terrorists (WATCH VIDEO)

NIGERIAN Soldiers were seen crying in a viral video on Social Media for their colleagues who were killed by terrorists in the Northern part of Nigeria. The video posted by #X-Daily has become viral after users have sympathized with the soldiers....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Although it is unsure of when the video was made or the actual cause of why the soldiers were crying, Nigeria has been faced with terrorist attacks for over two decades.

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The post read, “Nigerian Soldiers in tears after losing their colleagues in Terrorist attack in Northern Nigeria.”

As seen in the video, soldiers are seen weeping while someone, presumably the one holding the camera, is comforting the soldiers and is heard telling them to stop crying.

“Stop crying please, stop crying,” the voice said.

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“I tell you guys since morning, my mind no dey here, I no tell you?” he questioned in pidgin English.