The ‘Magic’ £8 Tesco Anti-chafe Solution That’s A ‘Must’ For Anyone With Bigger Thighs Who Wears Summer Dresses Or Shorts

“Not in a million years did I expect this cream to work all day without at least one top-up. Put the cream on at 06:30am, and at 7:20pm I’m still absolutely fine. No chafing! I’m honestly amazed.” Anyone with big thighs will know how painful chafing can be in the warmer summer months. Sometimes the pain can become so unbearable, it puts you off wearing dresses and shorts – but this needn’t be the case....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Beauty buffs are singing the praises of an  £8 anti-chafing solution sold at Amazon, Boots and Tesco, with many going so far as to say it’s a ‘game changer’. Even more skeptical shoppers have been impressed by how effectively it works at stopping chafe altogether.

Lanacane Non-staining Anti-chafing & Anti-friction Gel is currently £8  for one tube at Amazon. Or shoppers looking to save more money can get a two-pack for £15.49 – working out at £7.70 per tube.

The anti-chafing gel costs the same at Tesco, where it’s £8, but doesn’t have the benefit of free next day delivery. It’s more expensive at Boots, where it’s £8.40.

Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel works by forming a breathable barrier on your skin to prevent and aid healing of chafing. This can be caused by repeated rubbing of skin on skin or on clothing.

It has a unique anti-friction formula that dries instantly when it’s applied. Its clear, non-greasy, as well as fragrance-free, non-staining and gentle enough to use anywhere, everyday. The anti-chafing gel promises to give skin long lasting relief, and won’t need to be reapplied throughout the day to work, no matter how hot it is.

On Amazon, the Lanacane Non-staining Anti-chafing & Anti-friction Gel has over 4,200 five-star ratings. It’s impressed shoppers, many of whom were skeptical to start with, by just how effective it is in the fight against chafing.

One impressed Amazon customer raved: “My son gets a rash every time we go to the beach or in the swimming pool from his trunks. it can be really really painful and is horrible. this has been amazing, on a two week holiday he hasnt had the rash once. i apply in the morning before he goes in the pool and its kept the chafe away. at the beach a reapplied a couple of times and has been brilliant. its a must for holiday from now on!”

A second said: “Used to chafe regularly on my runs and panic bought this before the half marathon – life saver!”

A third added: “Great product. Smooths on easily and makes the skin feel velvety. My chunky thighs glide over each other like a super model. It no longer feels like I have sandpaper between my legs. Its not greasy and is absorbed, but still works. Took it on holiday in a hot climate and it worked a treat. Needs reapplying after a shower or a swim.”

“Game changer! Didn’t have any issues on holiday and could walk around without any chafing. Love it!” penned somebody else.

But another complained: “Love this stuff but I wish it was cheaper/had more in the tube, I get through so much during the summer months when wearing shorts. But it does an excellent job and prevents my thighs from starting a fire!”

Someone else added: “I’m very impressed by this cream! Today it’s been 31c and boiling hot both inside my house and outside. Not in a million years did I expect this cream to work all day without at least one top-up. Put the cream on at 06:30, and at 19:20 I’m still absolutely fine!

“No chafing! I’m honestly amazed. It also feels very nice and is not sticky whatsoever. It literally dries within seconds and leaves your skin feeling baby soft. No need to wash your hands afterwards or anything.”

Another popular option on the market is  £15 Sarrosi Anti Chafe Balm, which has a gorgeous coconut scent, and won a Stylist award. Or at Boots, the 1,500 rating Megababe Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick has been reduced down from £12 to £9 for a limited time.

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