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The Negatives Impact Of Phone Snatching In Nigeria -By Salim Abdullahi Jahun

The administration of former Nigeria’s President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo in 2000 has made an unforgettable impacts by importing Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) into the country, mobile phones brought solace to the stressful means of delivering messages or passing information and it is portable not like telephone. Also, with the coming of GSM, people communicate with ease, send messages in seconds and be updated with happenings within or outside their shores. It is true that all that have advantages also have the other sides, some people use GSM in perpetrating immoralities and perpetrating crimes like bargaining with relatives of the kidnapped, inviting teenagers to brothels, defrauding innocent victims, etc....CONTINUE READING

In recent weeks unfortunately, the cases of phones snatching have skyrocketed to the extent that some streets in towns are regular zones for such activities; phone snatchers in those areas freely operate in broad day-light without being restricted by security agents. The incidences became intense more especially Kano and some other Northern States, they (phone snatchers) inflict various degree of injuries to victims while attack in parts of the body that could lead to death on those that hesitate to give them. Phone snatchers are youths used during campaigns and election by some politicians that give them money and hard drugs are now left to survive on themselves without tangible skills.

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Majority of those engaged in phone snatching venture are products from irresponsible homes because they lacked good norms, parental trainings and nobody was there to guide them in doing what are right or hinder them from wrongs. They grew-up doing whatever they like, steal commodities to live and spend nights in clubs or wherever they wish. One African adage states that ‘a friend to a thief is also a thief’, this reveals that even when parents trained their wards well while allow them mingle with people that have questionable characters, they unknowingly and gradually start imitating their ways as time goes. Family members that engage in snatching items also play vital roles in assimilating close relatives.

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Everyone has role to play in curbing the menace of phones snatching, parents should redouble efforts in training their wards well, keep eyes on the behaviors of friends they mingle with and register them in one or more skills acquisition centres; this would make them useful members of the societies. Governments and all authorities concerned should investigate, arrest and take those found guilty of such acts to courts; this is to make them harvest the bad seeds they have been planting in the hearts and bodies of victims. Lastly, judges on their parts need to adjudicate justice, handle cases fairly and make sure guilty ones face wrath of the law; no politician should be allowed to bail or set those serving in prison free.

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