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Top 3 States With Highest Number Of Out-of-school Children In Nigeria [FULL LIST]

In Nigeria, the issue of out-of-school children is a major concern, leaving countless young minds without access to education. Recent data from The Cable Index sheds light on the severity of this crisis, revealing the top three states grappling with the highest percentages of out-of-school children....CONTINUE READING

Kebbi, Sokoto, and Yobe stand out with alarming figures, where 67.6%, 66.4%, and 62.9% of children aged 6–15 are out of school, respectively. These numbers paint a grim picture of the educational landscape, showing deep-seated challenges hindering children’s right to learn and succeed.

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In Kebbi State, nearly seven out of ten children miss out on formal education, reflecting issues like poverty and inadequate infrastructure. Similarly, in Sokoto State, the situation is dire, with over two-thirds of children out of school. Limited educational facilities and low awareness of education’s importance contribute to high dropout rates, especially among marginalised communities.

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Yobe State closely follows, with nearly two-thirds of its children lacking schooling opportunities. The state’s history of banditry has disrupted education, with safety often prioritised over schooling. Additionally, challenges like child labour and early marriages worsen the problem, trapping communities in cycles of illiteracy and poverty.

The impact of this crisis is profound, affecting both the current generation and the nation’s future prosperity. Without concerted efforts and sustainable solutions, Nigeria risks wasting the potential of millions of youth and stalling socio-economic development.

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