Vladimir Putin disaster as UK missiles kill top commander and army loses £13m helicopter

UK Storm Shadow missiles reportedly wiped out a Russian air defence base in the Crimea and killed a top commander in a devastating blow for Vladimir Putin. Last May, Britain became the first western country to supply Kyiv with long range Storm Shadow cruise missiles....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The lethal weapons, which cost more than £2m each, are armed with a specialist penetrating warhead, designed to destroy high-value and hardened targets.

With a range of up to 186 miles, Ukraine’s army has deployed the lethal weapon to inflict substantial damage in Russia’s rear, sowing panic and fear among Putin’s troops.

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And it would appear the deadly missiles have once again caused devastation deep behind Russia’s frontlines on the Crimean peninsula.

In the early hours of Monday morning several missiles struck a “secret” Russian air defence base belonging to 3rd Radio Engineering Regiment located on Mount Ai-Petri.

As a result of the attack the unit’s commander Alexander Kulakov and another serviceman were killed, according to the Russian media outlet Astra.

There are also reported to be a number of wounded service personnel, although there is no confirmation of the exact numbers.

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The 3rd Radio Engineering Regiment was formed in 2014 after Putin illegally annexed the Crimea and has its headquarters in Sevastopol.

In a further devastating blow to Putin, Ukrainian forces destroyed yet another Ka-52 helicopter belonging to the 47th Separate Mechanised Brigade.

Known as the Alligator, it is regarded as the “best of the best” of Russian attack helicopters and costs a whopping US$16 million (£13m).

In addition to its fixed 30-millimetre cannon and rocket pods, the helicopter can engage targets from three to six miles away using both Vikhr anti-tank missiles and LMUR missiles, while remaining outside the range of short-range air defences.

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The UK’s Ministry of Defence estimates that Putin’s army has lost as many as 39 Alligators, amounting to over one quarter of its original fleet.

However the Kremlin is working overtime to try and replenish its stock of Ka-52s.

Between 2022 and 2023 the Russian army received around 15 Ka-52Ms per year.

Russia’s Defence Ministry has claimed that the Alligator production rate has doubled or tripled, implying that between 30 and 45 Ka-52Ms will be ready to go per year moving forward.