Watch: Russia uses stretcher robot to save wounded soldiers

Russian soldiers have begun using a robotic stretcher to evacuate their wounded comrades from the frontline....CONTINUE READING

Footage posted on social media shows an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) delivering supplies to Russian troops and carrying a solider to safety while coming under Ukrainian fire near Avdiivka.

In a separate video, a Russian robot equipped with a grenade launcher is destroyed by a Ukrainian drone in the same region, Kyiv’s 47th Separate Mechanised Brigade posted on Telegram.

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“So far, there are isolated cases of Russians using this technique,” the brigade said.

Ukraine has previously used a remote-controlled mechanical stretcher invented by a toy designer to evacuate injured soldiers from the front lines.

Ukraine’s ministry of defence said that the crowd-funded stretcher mounted on small tracks can carry up to 150kg over rough terrain, with its controller able to operate it safely from a distance of 100 metres.

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