What You Should Do After Engaging In Intimacy With HIV Positive Person

If you’ve had intimate contact with someone who is HIV-positive, it’s essential to take specific measures to safeguard your health. Here are some recommendations to follow:...Read The Full Story Here ▶

1. Seek Prompt Medical Advice

Reach out to your healthcare provider or visit a medical facility without delay. They can offer you precise information, evaluate the risk level, and provide guidance on necessary actions.

2. Undergo An HIV test

It is of utmost importance to undergo an HIV test after any possible exposure. Most HIV tests can detect the virus within a few weeks to a few months post-exposure. Early detection is critical for commencing appropriate treatment if required.

3. Practice Safe Sexual Activity

Until you receive your test results, it’s vital to consistently practice safe sexual activity by using condoms and other barrier methods. This practice helps minimize the risk of transmitting or contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

4. Consider post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

PEP entails taking antiretroviral medications within 72 hours following potential HIV exposure to lower the risk of infection.

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