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‘Who Can Defy My Orders?’ — Nnamdi Kanu Vows To Quell Unrest In South East ‘In Two Minutes’

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has made a bold claim following his denied bail request on Tuesday by a Federal High Court judge....CONTINUE READING

Kanu asserted that he could resolve the security challenges in the South-East within two minutes of his release.

The embattled IPOB leader spoke briefly to journalists after the court appearance, during which he suggested that some government officials profit from the ongoing unrest.

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“I suspect that some people in government are making money out of insecurity in the Southeast; they know that once Nnamdi Kanu is outside, in two minutes, this nonsense will stop,” Kanu stated.

He went on to assert his authority in the region, saying, “Who’s the idiot that can counter my orders in the Southeast? Nobody can. I’m Nnamdi Kanu.”


During the court proceedings, Justice Binta Nyako declined to grant Kanu bail, ruling that since she had previously denied him bail, his only option was to approach the Court of Appeal.

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The judge also rejected Kanu’s preliminary objection seeking an order for certain conditions to be met by the State Security Service (SSS) before his terrorism-related trial could proceed.

However, Justice Nyako ordered an accelerated hearing in Kanu’s trial.

The judge held that the court cannot dictate to the security agency how best to perform their duties per international best practices.

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The development came barely 24 hours after the dismissal of an appeal filed by one of Kanu’s lawyers, Felix Okonkwo, regarding his own arrest and detention.

The Court of Appeal found no merit in the lawyer’s claims.