Why HIV Is Regarded As An Asymptomatic Disease & Why You Should Always Go For Tests

Have you ever pondered the reason HIV is commonly considered asymptomatic? The common expression “HIV no dey show for face” originated from this idea. This essay will explore the rationale behind the asymptomatic diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. Relax and take in some new information as you read on....Read The Full Story Here ▶

For What Reason Is HIV Considered Asymptomatic?

According to healthline The first is that there are two distinct phases of HIV infection. Those infected with the virus may not suffer any symptoms at all during the acute phase, or they may develop flu-like symptoms.

To this day, it is still considered HIV; those who carry the virus may never experience any symptoms or physical changes because the virus immediately begins targeting the immune system upon infection. The effects of this assault on the immune system could linger for ten years or less in some individuals. At this early stage, the carrier shows no symptoms but can still spread the virus. This is why it’s commonly said that AIDS has no outward physical manifestations.

Until the final stages, when it transitions into Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome, the condition is considered asymptomatic. This is the point at which the carrier begins to develop serious symptoms, especially if they are uninformed or are not taking anti retroviral medicines. Hence, a person can test positive for the virus but show no outward symptoms.

Is It Necessary To Always Take Exams?

Whether or not you engage in unprotected sexual activity, getting regular HIV tests is crucial. Because there are other ways to catch the virus, such as touching an infected wound or kissing someone who has an open sore in their mouth. The virus can be contracted in a number of ways, so it’s important to get tested regularly to determine the optimal time to begin anti-retroviral therapy.

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