Woman Begs For Help After Husband Left Her In A Lagos Hospital,Bought Phone With Fee For Her CS

A new mum has cried out for help after her husband allegedly abandoned her at the Alimoshso General Hospital in Igando, Lagos State. The newlywed explained that she got pregnant shortly after their wedding and as her due date approached, she developed severe pain and breathlessness and was taken to the hospital where doctors told her she would have to give birth via cesarean section, CS....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

She said her husband objected and told doctors to discharge her.
She alleged that when they got home, he bought herbal concoction for her and asked her to drink it to help her give birth naturally.

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She said her pain intensified after drinking it and she was rushed to the hospital for the surgery.
She cried out for help on Facebook and a kind Nigerian sent her N500,000.

According to the lady, she gave some of the money to her husband to pay for the surgery but when it was time for the procedure, her husband was no where to be found.

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Eventually, she gave the rest of the money to her sister-in-law to pay and the surgery was done.
She said after the surgery, her husband returned and his sister confronted him and threatened to arrest him. She said he then revealed that he used the money she (the wife) gave him to pay for her surgery, to buy a phone and a dog.

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She claimed that subsequently, her husband abandoned her even as she was still in a delicate situation, with their newborn child in the hospital.

The new mum revealed that she is not out of the woods yet as her legs are swelling. She said she had spent all she had on surgery, tests, and medications.

She gave details to prove that her story is true and kind-hearted Nigerians have been donating to her.

Read her story below.