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Woman Discovers Husband’s 10 Secret Children on the Day of His Funeral

Nothing is more painful than finding out that your late husband had been deceiving you, and this was just the case for this local woman who has gone viral on social media after sharing her devastating story....CONTINUE READING

Woman’s shocking revelation on TikTok

TikToker @mvanakazi shared footage detailing how she found out about her husband’s 10 children.

The woman claims she found out the ‘truth’ about her late hubby’s unknown 10 kids on the day of his funeral while they were reading the obituary. @mvanakazi went on to state that she was only aware of five children.

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Watch the video below:
South Africans were shocked

The woman’s revelation did not sit well with many people online, as they flocked to her comments section to express their opinions on the subject, while others were saddened by the news and sent the lady heartfelt messages.

Zerlinda said:

“I would stop crying for him with immediate effect! and move on with my life, I deserve better than him.”

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To which she responded by saying:

“It’s not easy when he’s not around to speak for himself; you are just left with memories.”

FingerMamohau added:

“Losing a spouse is the most painful thing that can ever happen to a person. if I found that I’ll be healed with immediate effect. after the funeral, I’m going for a vacation.”

User6292803723437 shared:

“I found out that my baby was no. 5 on the day of his dad’s funeral during the reading of the obituary, and he has 1 grandchild. I only knew that my son was no. 3..he took the truth with to the grave.”

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Man broke lady’s heart

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a man revealed that he had no plans of marrying a lady who he has been dating for six years.

A man has revealed that he has no plans of marrying a lady who he has been dating for six years.