“You Mother Did Not Raise You Well” – Lady Scolds Guy Who Ask Her Out Without Sending Transport Fare

A Nigerian lady looking forward to ‘baby-girl’ treatments has scolded the multiple guys who are asking her out without sending her transport fare. She revealed to her friend via WhatsApp voice note that a lot of guys out there do not know how to treat her the right way she likes being treated....Read The Full Story Here ▶

According to her, she eats a lot and the guy should be ready to spend a lot on the date if he wants to take her out.

Additionally, she noted that the guy shouldn’t just tell her that she should come so they chill if he knows that he isn’t sending transport fare to her.

The lady stressed that it is when a guy has fulfilled these requirements that she would be willing to go out with him, or he would just be wasting his time.

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