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4 Female Wrestlers Who Have Defeated Men In A Match (Photos)

Such ‘male vs female’ wrestling matches do not happen often but when they do, they could be fun to watch. Even though it is often argued that WWE matches are usually scripted and as such, most of the victories are not ‘real victories’ but rather what was instructed in the script....CONTINUE READING

Though this is likely true, it is still on record that ‘so and so’ wrestler defeated their opponent in ‘so and so’ match. here are four female wrestlers who defeated men in a wrestling match.

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1. Chyna

Absolutely no other female wrestler in the history of the WWE has had the kind of impact that Chyna had. Nicknamed “The 9th Wonder of the World,” Chyna was amazing to watch in the ring. As much as I can remember, she defeated every female wrestler she fought with. Probably that was why she had to face male opponents- and she famously defeated Jeff Jarrett in a “No Mercy” match back in 1999.

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Apart from Jarrett, Chyna defeated Triple H and Billy Gunn, though she got help from intruders. She also once participated in a Men’s Royal Rumble contest and eliminated a number of male wrestlers.

2.  Molly Holly

This was a weird match though and it didn’t happen inside the wrestling ring. Molly Holly became the Hardcore Champion after she attacked the Hurricane, who was backstage, from behind- and pinned him.

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3. Jacqueline

Jacqueline was the last opponent Chavo expected to see when he threw an open challenge for his Cruiserweight title. However, she surprised everyone by coming out as the challenger- and even going as far as defeating Chavo to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.

4. Sara Callaway

Sarah Callaway was still married to the Undertaker when this match happened.

Her opponent was Diamond Dallas Page, who she pinned, after the Undertaker attacked him