After My Mum Died My Dad Used To Tell Me To Touch His Private Parts And He Would Give Me 200 – Girl Tells

A young girl from limuru has painfully narrated how she went through hell in the hands of his dad after her mother died when she was in class three. According to her, her mother got sick and she was admitted in hospital when she was still in class three and she was left with her two brothers and his father....Read The Full Story Here ▶

She claims that since she was the only girl in the house. On this particular day her father came from the hospital and asked her to go to his bedroom after she was done doing the house chores.

Since she didn’t have any thoughts that her dad would hurt her, she innocently went to his bedroom and that when her dad told her that since her mother is not at home he want her to touch his private parts and he will pay her 200 everytime she touches him.

She says that on that day she ran away and went to her neighbor and spend the night there but she never open up to anyone, and days later her mother passed away and that when things became worse her dad started touching her in her private areas.

She says that she felt so scared and that when she told her neighbor who informed the authorities but they never did anything and she was forced to tell her grandmother who took her in and started taking care of her.

She says that it really hurt her so much to see a man who she thinks can protect her doing the unthinkable to her.

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