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BREAKING: Primate Ayodele releases prophecies, warnings to presidents of Russia, France, Croatia, Turkey, others

The leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has released warnings for the presidents of some countries including Russia, France, Croatia, Turkey, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, China, and Haiti....CONTINUE READING

He revealed that President Vladimir Putin of Russia’s new administration will boost the nation but there will be challenges.

In a statement by his Media Aide, Oluwatosin Osho, Ayodele warned Putin to be careful of a major attack and gang-up against his government.

He said: ‘’Russia: Vladimir Putin coming back as a president will boost the confidence of Russians. The country’s position will change but Putin must be careful because of unforeseen circumstances that will destroy his political strength. Another person will rise to challenge him. He will continue to fight Ukraine and I see an attempt on the president’s life that will not succeed.

“Putin will create a policy that will attract African countries; he will create a new union that will bring African countries together. He will become a threat to the world, a major bombing will happen in Russia and I see him being charged for mass destruction. I see a major attack in Russia. Putin’s kinsmen will rise against him, he will face more challenges. His security guards will be attacked and I see him being implicated. The country is likely to change currency.’’

In Ukraine, Primate Ayodele foresaw that President Zelensky will be elected for another term but there will be a financial crisis in the country.

He warned of a major setback in the war against Russia while urging the president to be careful of leakages in his government and another city President Putin would attempt to hijack.

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‘’Ukraine: The incumbent president will return for another term. I see Ukraine in a financial crisis; the country will face a major setback in this war. The president must be on alert. Some countries will want to withdraw their support from Ukraine. The country must pray for economic stability, they must pray against massive abduction of their soldiers and attack on the country’s warship. The president must be very careful of leakages in his government; there will be changes in his government. I see Russia hijacking Odessa. ‘’

Primate Ayodele revealed that President Macron of France would take a decision that would make his government unpopular.

He warned him to be careful as he sees protests and religious crises in the country.

‘’France: The president will take a decision that will make his government unpopular. He must be careful so that he will not be attacked and lead the soldiers to a war that won’t succeed. The country should be careful against terrorist attacks and shootings. There will be protests against President Macron and I see a religious crisis. France must be watchful against deadly natural disasters. I see workers going on strike, slumping economy.’’

Primate Ayodele also foresaw a major attack that will involve missiles being fired into Iran. He warned the president to be prayerful.

‘’Iran: There will be a major attack that will involve missiles in the country. Iran must be careful against troubles. There will be gang-ups against the president and the economy will not be palatable. They must be very careful against crisis.’’

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Speaking on the Israel-Hamas war, the man of God stated that the Hamas group will succumb to Israel’s requests. He also revealed that the leader of the group will be killed.

Still talking about Israel, Primate Ayodele stated that there will be an attempt to remove Benjamin Netanyahu. He made it known that the country will come under another terrorist attack in seven years time.

‘’Israel VS Hamas: they won’t settle as expected but at the end of the day, the Hamas group will do what Israel wants. The leader of the Hamas group will be killed and they will experience a major setback. The group will continue to be a threat and Israel will not agree to their terms.

‘’The world will fight Benjamin Netanyahu. If he is removed, Israel will be in trouble. He is Israel’s messiah. The country will still bombard Rafah. In seven years time, terrorists will come together again to fight Israel. They must not relent. Netanyahu’s current actions to protect Israel will help the country but he needs to stop killing innocent children, he needs to look into it. Enemies will find every means to humiliate Netanyahu but he won’t stop till he wins the present war. The people of Israel will continue to support him.’’

In Europe, Primate Ayodele stated that he foresees a climatic disaster that will cause darkness for 24 hours in the western part of the continent.

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‘’Europe: I am seeing a new terrorist coming up in Western Europe. I am seeing a serious climatic condition that will cause darkness for 24 hours in Europe. Let the pope pray for his health too.’’

Continuing, he called on world leaders to be prepared against war between China and the USA while sending warnings to Croatia, Turkey and Haiti.

‘’China-USA: World leaders should be prepared so that China and the USA will not go to war. We need to be watchful because it will make the world unstable. China’s warship will be attacked and the president must pray for his health. The country will experience a deadly disease and a little rise economically.

‘’Croatia: The president will transform to Prime minister. The country will be in a mess economically. There is going to be a big problem in the country. Some states in the country will declare a state of emergency due to disasters.

‘’Turkey: the president must pray for his health. The country should pray against natural disaster that will claim a lot of lives.

‘’Haiti: The gangs in Haiti can become a government if care isn’t taken. They will not allow democracy to be a reality in the country. The government should negotiate with the gangs before the problems can be settled otherwise Haiti will turn to something else. There will be hunger, famine, tribulation and if anyone is installed as a president, he will be assassinated.’’