Fabrizio Romano Names The 3 Main Candidates For Chelsea As Owners Seek “Dynamic” And “Young” Coach

The news has been confirmed – Chelsea have sacked Mauricio Pochettino, with the club announcing the move on their website in the last hour. It puts everything back into play, and plunges things back into chaos just as everything seemed to be taking shape. The coach’s job seemed like it was safe given recent results, but there was an uncomfortable atmosphere in recent press conferences without doubt, and this wasn’t without warning....Read The Full Story Here ▶

We’re not sure where they turn next, although Fabrizio Romano has reported that the Blues want a “young manager” to replace Pochettino. He later added that the Blues want a “dynamic manager” with Kieran McKenna and Thomas Frank mentioned in a Tweet from the insider.

Stuttgart’s impressive coach Seb Hoeneß is also named, but seems unlikely given Romano says he’s “focused” on his current team. Ruben Amorim is conspicuous by his absence from this list. We wonder why his star has fallen so much since missing out on the Liverpool job? We would have expected him to be among the favourites.

What comes next

Given that even the mighty Bayern Munich have struggled to find a coach this summer, we’re not sure Chelsea will find this easy. McKenna and Frank are obviously at smaller teams and perhaps could be persuaded by the promise of European football, but the instability that continues to reign at Chelsea even under the new ownership is hardly going to be attractive.

We all know what they want – a new Xabi Alonso. But those aren’t easy to find. Pochettino was doing a solid job, and the club risk going backwards unless they really nail this next appointment. Even supporters with doubts about

This will be the third manage appointed by these sporting directors in two seasons. Surely they’re now under pressure just as much as the coach?

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