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Here Are 3 Women You Will Not Believe Actually Exist

With so many amazing women in the globe, it is impossible to choose just a few to honor here on this list. The fact that these ladies appear to be different from the rest of us is that they are making their mark on the world and demonstrating that the word “difference” means far more than it actually does....CONTINUE READING

Some are distinguishable by birth, while others are distinguishable by choice, but they all have a lovely way of life in common that is worth learning about and enjoying. Take a look at these stunning beauties who will have you questioning whether they actually exist;

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1. Kristina Rei

A 22-year-old nail technician in the beauty sector, she works as a nail technician. More than 100 silicon injections were performed during cosmetic surgery treatments on her, according to reports, and as a result, she is reported to have the world’s widest lips. The fact that she is an extremist is not lost on her, and as a Russian citizen, she asserts that such behavior is very normal in her country. Despite the fact that you might consider her quirky, she does not see herself in the same manner that you do.

2. Mikel Ruffinel

This lady has the widest hips on the face of the world. 1972 marked the year of her birth, and she was welcomed into the world as a young lady. Mikel now holds the world record for the longest hips at 8ft 3 inches. It was after the birth of her first child, she claimed, that she began to gain weight, despite the fact that she had previously been considered “regular.”

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She needs to consume 5,000 calories every day in order to maintain her current weight of 420 lbs.. The fact that all of her weight is spread between her hips does not explain how she got into this position. Given the possibility that a woman’s hips are disproportionately large, it is deemed unusual.

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Kayan ladies

A fascinating practice among the Kayan people of Thailand is that they wear rings around their necks in order to make their necks appear shorter. It is effectively one continuous twisting band that presses down on their shoulders, giving the illusion that their necks are longer as a result of the press down. Despite the fact that you may have concluded from the photograph in the article that you have never seen a human with such a long neck, it turns out that such creatures do exist