Iran on notice as US warns ‘we will not hesitate’ to strike back after retaliation threat

Iran has been warned the United States “will not hesitate” to respond to any attacks on its military personnel should Teheran try to target it in retaliation for a missile strike on its Damascus consulate....CONTINUE READING

The Pentagon insisted it was not involved in the strike that killed Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi on Monday – saying Israel informed it of its plans minutes before the raid took place.

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Iran has vowed to avenge Zahedi and five other Iranian diplomats killed in the strike as it said it reserved the right to “take a decisive response” on Israel.

US Ambassador to the UN Robert Wood, however, warned Teheran not to exploit the attack to justify the resumption of attacks on US targets in the Middle East.

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Wood said: “We will not hesitate to defend our personnel and repeat our prior warnings to Iran and its proxies not to take advantage of the situation – again, an attack in which we had no involvement or advanced knowledge – to resume their attacks on US personnel.”