Jesus is so boring that I need someone to flirt with — Moesha Boduong says

Moesha Boduong, a well-endowed Ghanaian actress and brand influencer who is now a converted Christian, has got tongues buzzing on the internet after a fresh statement she posted on social media.

Ghanaians have developed a new perspective on the actress after her recent problem, which resulted in her forsaking social media for a half-year period in order to embrace Jesus as her Lord and Saviour….CONTINUE READING

Ghanaians have been quite critical of her since her return to social media, particularly when she performs things she used to do before declaring her love for God.

Since her reappearance and announcement that Jesus is now her boyfriend, Moesha has made headlines every time she’s spotted with a guy or twerking and shaking her assets on social media.
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Well, it seems that the actress is weary of the criticisms and wants to relieve the pressure from Ghanaians, which is why she dropped a bombshell on her social media accounts, claiming that her boyfriend Jesus is terribly dull and knows nothing other than prayers.

Moesha said in the post that she is in the mood to flirt and is seeking someone to flirt with since her boyfriend Jesus has no concept of what flirting is.

Moesha Boduong also took advantage of the chance to vent to certain Ghanaians who have always sought to criticize whatever choices she takes.

Despite her claim that Jesus is boring, Moesha encouraged Ghanaians to get used to her and Jesus’ tales since they are here to stay….CONTINUE READING