Notcoin Rises: Nigerian Man Who Sold All His Coins Cries out as its Value Continues to go up

Adekunle Daniel, a Nigerian youth, has admitted he regrets selling off all his Notcoin. Daniel lamented on Facebook while sharing from CoinMarket Cap, showing the steady increase in the value of Notcoin. Checks on CoinMarket App showed that Notcoin is $0.01411 with a 24-hour trading volume of $751382101.97....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Apparently, Daniel didn’t expect Notcoin to pick up. Daniel wrote:

“See how Notcoin is going high today and I have sold all my Notcoin.”

His post stirred mixed reactions. Daniel maintained that he had made a bad decision by selling his Notcoin.

“I regret selling all my Notcoin.”

Advice for those who sold their Notcoin

Sharing his thoughts on the rise of Notcoin, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, admitted he also sold off his coins but shared what he did with them.

Ebenezer also had a word for those regretting selling their Notcoin. His statement to read:

“Well, I don’t really regret selling my Notcoin. I used the money I had to invest in other coins that have a chance of doing well, too; if you’re regretting, you should ask yourself one question: What did you use the money for?! If it was an emergency then raise your head high and get involved in other mining projects.

“You can still catch up, do the needful double the hustle and get more involved now because it’s only then that you make up for what you felt you lost.”

Netizens react to Notcoin rise

Abubakar King Ibn Yusuf said:

“To the moon.”

Vic Tor said:

“I have a question please…

“I have 2 telegram accounts for Notcoin.

“I withdrew one and staked the other.

“Should I unstake And withdraw or I should leave it for that one month?”

Nivek Nhoj Ed Noel said:

“Same, I already sell mine at 0.0052.”

Emmanuel Cue said:

“I still have 2 dollar worth.”

Ray Austin said:

“U should have kept some.”

Donald Trauma said:

“You must buy Again bro !”

MD Shadinur Islam BD said:

“It won’t be down, it will be stable.”

Man celebrates not selling his Notcoin

Meanwhile, Legit previously reported that a man had celebrated not selling his Notcoin as its value continues increasing.

While some people sold off their Notcoin tokens, Chibuzor kept his and his faith in the crypto project paid off. Chibuzor showed off his Tronkeeper wallet balance on Facebook as proof. When Chibuzor received his Notcoin airdrop, it was valued at $40 (N56k) but is now $46 (N64,513.16).

An excited Chibuzor urged people not to sleep on Tapswap and Hamster Kombat. His post got people talking. His post got people talking.

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