Notcoin: Young Lady Earns Money From New Crypto Mining, Hits 2.5 Million Coins on Tapswap

Notcoin has paid a Nigerian lady, and she came online to share the news with her followers. The lady noted that she cashed out some money from Notcoin but did not mention the total amount she earned. The lady, Mmasinachi Humbline, shared her joy in the video, saying she is also taking part in Tapswap mining....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Mmasinachi said she has so far hit 2.5 million coins on Tapswap, where she is also hoping to make some money.

She captioned the video:

“Where are my fellow palm wine tappers? Mood after cashing out my Notcoin today. We go harder with Tapswap. 2.5 million and counting.”
Will Tapswap pay users?

Legit spoke to Moreblessing Ogbogo, a cryptocurrency expert who noted that his expectation for Tapswap was low.

“For me, there’s little hope and expectation for Tapswap. One of the reason is that those behind the project are unknown, we don’t have any of their track record or reputation to use as a metric to measure. So it’s zero expectation from me.
“The second reason is that the users on Tapswap are over the roof. It will be a situation of 10,000 people trying to feed from the same pot that’s meant to feed 10 people. So whether they perform well or not, my expectations are low, and that’s how not to get disappointed in any project.”

Watch the lady’s video below:

Man buys AC with money earned from Notcoin

Meanwhile, a Nigerian youth happily showcased the air conditioner he purchased thanks to earnings from Notcoin.

He posed with the AC and urged crypto enthusiasts to keep tapping to take advantage of Tapswap mining.

Many Nigerians are taking part in Tapswap after seeing that those who mined Notcoin made some money from it.

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