‘Since Boxing Day we’re the fourth-best team’: Boehly says he’s feeling ‘better and better’ about Chelsea

Todd Boehly spoke at the Qatar Economic Forum about Chelsea and why he believes fans must be patient about progress at the club. He also highlighted the improvement in the team’s form since December and feels they are on the right track....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

“The number one thing is you have got to be patient. You are putting something together and expecting it come together really quickly, but the reality is anything really good takes a little bit of time.

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“When we bought the Dodgers in 2013 we started 15 and 25, but we kind of just kept sticking to the plan because we believed it was right. And we went through a similar thing with Chelsea.

“You have to have the resolve to not hear all the noise and remain committed to the plan. Since Boxing Day, we’re the fourth-best team in the Premier League. When you look at what is going on it now, it feels better and better.”

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