Singer Portable’s letter of undertaking over unpaid debt emerges online following arrest

Nigerian singer Portable agreement upon for the purchase of a G-Wagon for N27 million appeared online Following his arrest a letter of undertaking detailing the terms and conditions that. Remember how Portable, trying to avoid being arrested for not paying the remaining amount on a G-Wagon he had bought, jumped a gate?...CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

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The car dealer’s petition led to his arrest after he failed to complete the payment for the vehicle, despite making a down payment.

A letter of undertaking signed by Portable has surfaced online, revealing he still owes N14 million of the N27 million G-Wagon. Additionally, voice recordings of the car dealer attempting to contact Portable were shared online.

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The dealer urged Portable to either pay the remaining balance or return the vehicle, which Portable refused, claiming it had faults.

The agreement states that if Portable fails to comply, the dealer has the right to repossess the vehicle without issuing a refund.