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Uproar As Air Peace Makes ‘Biafran Attire’ Its Official Costume For Flight Attendants; Critics Angrily React

Air Peace, on Saturday, commenced its Lagos-London flight services, with its flight attendants adorning themselves with a popular ‘Biafran attire’ identified with the Igbo people of the South-East....CONTINUE READING

The commencement of the service came a month after it announced plans to begin direct flight operations to London on March 30 during a prelaunch forum organised by the airline in February.

However, the official costume for its flight attendants didn’t sit well with may Nigerians who picked holes in it.

Some said Air Peace boss, Allen Onyeama should have used the colours of the Nigerian flag and not that of particular region.

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Other critics claimed Onyeama is loyal to Biafra, and that the federal government should seize his licence.

As reaction trail, Oseni Rufai, Arise TV journalist, slammed the critics.

He said: “A traditional attire from a part of Nigeria was promoted by a Nigerian Airline, Some turn it into a tribal affair. Is the Isi-Agu not Nigerian enough? Why this bigotry?”

Another concerned Nigerian, Kakanfo, said: “There is nothing wrong if Air Peace uses Isi-Agu as the attire of the Host and hostess of the airline. It is common sense and intentional for Allen Onyeama to show Nigeria from his Igbo worldview because he was Igbo before he became a Nigerian. It is common sense.”

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“If another person decides to express his Nigerianess with his or her indigenous culture whether Yoruba, Fulani, Ijaw, Urhobo etc. we need to accept it and understand that Nigeria is a country of ethnic nations. I understand that a lot of my fellow Yorubas are angry because of what some people from certain zones have done in time pass by continually speaking against the expression of Yoruba culture by Yorùbá people within Nigeria.

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“May Air Peace succeed. We must all express of ethnic identities with pride and without any apologies or listening to any hypocritical gaslighters.”

Jason Mark said: “Barrister Allen Onyema and his team at Air Peace Airlines were outstanding. Yes, Air Peace is for Onyeama not Nigerians.

“Just like Virgin is for Branson not UK while Dangote Refinery is also for Dangote and not Nigerians.

“Origin is not same as ownership. However, It’s still a win win for Nigerians looking at the potential impact on the economy.”