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White woman gives birth to a Black child, says her great-great-great grandparent was Black, and the child took after them [VIDEO]

On social media, a family with a newborn is getting a lot of attention. A White couple recently welcomed a Black child. As a result, the internet has run rampant with heavy implications. Meanwhile, the woman has allegedly gotten ahead of this. According to the comments, the woman is claiming she had a great-great-great grandparent who was Black. It’s being said that the baby is taking after this ancestor....CONTINUE READING

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Truthfully, genetics are always full of surprises. When it comes to things like race and ethnicity, people tend to overthink and misunderstand it. People can be closely related, but also be two separate races. In the older days of American society, there were some Black people who passed for White. As a result, later generations began identifying as a race other than their own.

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The internet has had a field day with this situation. Recently, a woman had a baby, and her husband was right there by her side. This is a White couple and the baby happens to be Black. There is an obvious answer to this unasked question. However, according to the people who commented on this, they said that the woman has stated one of her great-great-great grandparents was Black.

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