You said Late Tafawa was received by US vice president in late 60s not by President – Tarka to Oseni Rufai

Christopher Tarka, deputy secretary, APC presidential campaign council (PCC), tackled Rufai Oseni, Arise TV anchor that what he said was that former Nigeria head of state, Late Tafawa Balewa was received by United State vice president in late 60s and not by the President…..CONTINUE READING

Christopher Tarka tackled Rufai in an interview with Arise News during the Morning Show program while responding to Rufai’s claim that America is sending a low ranking officer to witness Tinubu’s May 29 inauguration and not even Secretary of States.”

Earlier on the program, Rufai Oseni said that how will Tarka explain that Nigeria that was so rich before that the first trip that was made by our leader, Tafawa Balewa in 1960, he was welcome at the airport by American vice president and that same country has become the country that during its inauguration president, “no top officer like ‘Secretary of States”

Tarka reacted that, “You said something, let me point it out. You said late Tafarwa Balewa when he visited America in the 60s was received by Vice President of America, you didn’t say by the president of America.”

Tarka then said that he thinks we are making critical protocol out of this things,

“Recently, the inauguration of Kenya President, it was not our president that went, it was our Vice President , should the Kenya look at Nigeria that we don’t hold them in high esteem?…..CONTINUE READING