Woman narrates how she was used and dumped by her lover

The year was 2020. I had dated this man for 5 months and everything was all Rosy. Until I noticed a change in behavior. From nowhere my boyfriend started being super busy and to me that created a state of anxiety.

I remember vividly It was on a Friday when things got worse, my friend and I went for a movie at arcades. And just a few minutes into the movie I realized I hadn’t received a call from my man. So I gathered courage and dialed his line. Guys he cut my call it was 21 hours why would anyone do that…..CONTINUE READING

Anyway fast forward he texted me the following morning, but something just felt amiss, I went about my day and just like the previous day my boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. As a loving girlfriend I tried calling again and got the shock of my life.

I dialed his line and the phone went unanswered. I dialed again and I got a sigh of relief when someone finally picked up. Just before I could say anything a lady answered. Out of curiosity I asked who she was. She was his fiancée Belinda.

I failed to believe her the information was too much to handle over a phone call. So I booked ulendo, the whole way I kept asking the driver what that could mean. Upon arrival to his place Shaka had shifted the previous day.

I got back to the car and told the driver to keep on driving. I only decided to go back to school when my friend insisted because it was getting late and they were extremely worried about me.

I remember how long that night was, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat . Kept pacing around the hotels. From my room to the rooftop Kaya if I wanted to jump. Finally at 03am I managed to sleep.

Following morning the supposed boyfriend came through to confirm the news. He even told me I was a good girl and the man who will m@rry me will be lucky. While in the conversation the fiancee called and he told me he had to go because she was waiting for him.

The funniest part about this whole situation was when he asked me to hug h!m for the last time. I had never felt more stup!d in my entire existence.

I wore a new beautiful dress that night, but not even that could stop me from cr@wling on the ground when I reached unza chapel. Yoh I prayed that day actually it was the first time I ever tasted w!ne.

In one night, I prayed, cried, c@ssed and worked out, but nothing worked . I should have listened to my mom when she said books before boys .

Guys he didn’t even care that I was an orph@n.

Give me a minute I finish crying I’ll type the rest of the events after and hour.

After 3 hours of crying let me continue so In my drunk state I kept on asking my friend Nima lakwa chani ine ayi?
In the coming weeks I started working out to distract myself from the p@in. And the business was on hold for 4 months straight.

The most painful part about this experience was that it was a relationship I got in after breaking up with my long term boyfriend of 5 years . It was supposed to help me heal not cause more p@in.

Long story short, each morning I spare 1 hr in honour of all men who teach us to stop being naive
Anyway I haven’t given up on love and dating if I d! e I d! e

This is why I started selling men’s clothes so that I can sale men t!ght fitting shoes and clothes and why we don’t give discounts. You need to p@y for what that guy did to me

Apa when someone starts acting funny I tell them bye Dear. Imwe men can emb@rrass you…..CONTINUE READING