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“After I Told My Mom That My Stepdad Was Sleeping With Me, She Said It Was a Lie,” Lady Narrates

A Lady has painfully narrated how her mother didn’t listen to her when she complained that her stepfather was sleeping with her. Her mother told her that her only aim was to destroy her marriage....CONTINUE READING

Her mother had been married to a man whom she didn’t choose for herself. It was a forced marriage arranged by the parents to an old man. After joy, along with her other siblings, moved out due to some misunderstandings.

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She went to Nairobi where she rented a small house and used to sell farm produce in a market. She later got into a relationship with a man who used to work as a watchman. They decided to live together, and the man moved into their single room.

Since the mother used to leave home at 4 am while her husband used to return home at 5 am from work since he was working at night, he could go and pick Joy from their bed, take her to his bed, and sleep with her. He would then return her to their bed and warn her not to disclose to her mother or else he would kill her.

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One day she decided enough was enough and told her mother what her husband does to her. Surprisingly, the mother beat her up, telling her to stop lying; all she wanted was to break her marriage. She had to run away and went back to Kiambu to live with her grandmother.

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